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Massage Candle 85h - Orange Blossom & Lavender

Klinta / Swedish | Apelsinblomma & Lavendel

When you really want to luxuriate and treat yourself then light Klinta times three. Klinta’s Three Wick Candle has three wicks that together light up any space for a full 85 hours! Cozy-factor turned up to maximum!

There are three ingredients in KLINTA candles: perfume (skin-friendly essential oil or fragrance), and two kinds of vegetable oil - soybean oil and rapeseed oil. Contains no preservatives, no dyes, no paraben-free, no sulfate-free animal ingredient. Animal-free products. The perfume blends with the candlelight, resulting in the candles constantly smelling during the burning process. The melting point of vegetable wax is much lower than the melting point of petroleum products. The fragrance evaporates much slower and lasts a pleasant smell. The wick is made of untreated cotton.

How to use:
Light the candle and wait a few minutes, dip finger and massage it into the skin.

Orange blossom and lavender scent:
Pure lavender oil is blended with citrussy orange blossom to give a modern yet classic, fresh and uplifting fragrance.  Orange & Lavender has been existing since the beginning and has become a Klinta staple. Made using essential oils from flowers, trees and herbs – pure plant oils, not perfume.

Product: Massage Candle 85h - Orange Blossom & Lavender

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Massage Candle 85h - Orange Blossom & Lavender
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50 EUR
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