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Perfume Diffuser 200 ml Melograno

Muhá / Italy | Perfume Diffuser 200 ml Melograno


Special attention to details and design: rneco-leather finishes, square glass bottle large size and black fiber rnsticks diffuser. A product suitable for reception areas and large livingrn rooms, a diffuser that furnishes and perfumes the rooms with carefully rnselected quality essences.

Thern intense scent of orange blending with the delicate fragrance of peach rnand a fresh hint of melon brings to mind the sunny Sicilian countryside rncaressed by a wind filled with sweet fruity notes, softened by a base ofrn pomegrate and vanilla and characterized by a decisive hint of cedar.

Product: Perfume Diffuser 200 ml Melograno

Category: reed diffuser

Product code: H354

EAN: 8054619782453

Perfume Diffuser 200 ml Melograno
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36 EUR
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