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Reed Diffusers 50 ml Bubbly & Pink Grapefruit

Klinta / Swedish | Bubbel & Rosa Grapefruct

Reed diffuser 50 ml

Klinta’s Reed Diffusers have the same pure and gentle fragrances as our candles and again we’ve chosen to take the natural and environmentally freindly route to production. Unlike most other diffusers which typically contain large amounts of alcohol, glycol and acetone, we’ve tried a little harder at Klinta and used a vegetable oil with equally as effective scent-carrying capacity but without the strong smelling alcoholic vapour of the competition. The base ingredient in Klinta’s Reed Diffusers is an oil derived from soyabeans – which is easily cultivated, fast-growing and completely sustainable. And then of course we simply add a little fragrance or essential oil.

Bubbly and pink grapefruit scent:
Sparkling fizz, sour grapefruit and sweet plums make for a really popular, sophisticated fragrance. There’s a reason why this scent is Klinta’s most sold.

Product: Reed Diffusers 50 ml Bubbly & Pink Grapefruit

Category: reed diffuser, Vegan, illatosító diffúzor

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Reed Diffusers 50 ml Bubbly & Pink Grapefruit
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