Ashleigh & Burwood London

Ashleigh & Burwood has been sharing their passion for fragrance since 1993. Beginning production from the family kitchen table, father and son John and Andrew Nettleton formed a boutique English company with core family values – family, fragrance, quality and creativity. All these years later, Ashleigh & Burwood may have moved out of the kitchen but those founding values which shaped the heritage of the company continue to remain at the heart to form a diverse home fragrance company and the UK’s leading Fragrance Lamp supplier. Each one of their products is expertly designed oozing our innovation and creativity, to the highest quality. They discovered their Fragrance Lamps were effective at reducing some of the most common household air pollutants, including bacteria, mould spores and dust mites. As a home fragrance company Ashleigh & Burwood's mission has always been to help people feel relaxed and comforted in their homes.

Ashleigh & Burwood London Ashleigh & Burwood London

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The Portuguese company Castelbel, with its own brand name and Portus Cale Premium brand, offers perfumed body care products and home scents that are inspired by the idyllic landscapes of the Douro River valley. Products made by using traditional manufacturing methods contain the highest quality ingredients. Their scents reflect the typical world of Portuguese aromas, which is to experience the real Portugal: a traditional, yet fashionable country, where the warm sunlight and the blue ocean feed the soul and comfort the spirit.

Castelbel Castelbel

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Côte Noire

The beautiful luxury diffusers of the English Côte Noire provide a breathtaking sight in homes, shops and offices. Côte Noire products have already taken a prominent position in the international interior perfume market. It is sold in Europe as in France and in the United Kingdom, and it can be purchased worldwide in Australia and New Zealand.

Côte Noire Côte Noire

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Culti Milano

Founded in 1990 by Alessandro Agrati, CULTI has developed an uncommon and elegant lifestyle project, for customers who appreciate unique, excellent, yet simple objects. Today the CULTI brand evokes a world of exquisite collections offering a multisensorial experience, through fine fragrances and cosmetics and home accessories designed for every area of the house. Each CULTI item is exclusively Made in Italy by selected craftsmen who put meticulous attention to detail, while the materials, ingredients and natural elements utilized are of the highest quality. The cult of beauty and commitment to the customer’s needs are the pillars which the CULTI design and manufacturing philosophy are built on.

Culti Milano Culti Milano

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Divinessenze is a reflection of natural simplicity. Its history began in 1995 in a small laboratory in the south of Italy, where the owner, blessed with the knowledge of alchemy, produced special fragrances from fruits, oils and resins. Divinessenze is fully committed to the protection of nature, and manufactures products that offer a clean, sophisticated atmosphere, while protecting our environment.

Divinessenze Divinessenze

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Founded in 1988 Drake specializes in interior design, interior scents production. Their products are not only fragrant, but also decorative items. Drake has particular emphasis on selecting materials, colours, fragrances. Drake candle collections are in every colours of the rainbows, their smoking incences have special appearances.

Drake Drake

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In 2004, Christian Gries founded what is now one of Germany’s best-known room fragrance brands. iPuro has revolutionised the market by blending a selection of exquisite fragrances in a highly aesthetic product design. Adhering to the ambitious goal of providing room fragrance solutions for all tastes, iPuro never ceases to fascinate customers with new products and innovations.

iPuro iPuro

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Locherber Milano

Locherber Milano created the art of perfuming interiors. Their products are born from the marriage of Italian passion and Swiss precision. Their exclusive fragrances are designed to make every place and every situation special. The unique and special creations are the result of the knowledge acquired during more than forty years of experience in the cosmetics sector, as well as the use of natural and carefully selected raw materials. All this is a new concept of well-being that elevates know-how to an artistic dimension and is based on Italian creativity. Locherber Milano strives for harmony derived from the balance of the five senses and includes a sixth, archaic and ancient force within us that inevitably drives us to achieve beauty and well-being.

Locherber Milano Locherber Milano

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Maison Berger

The Maison Berger Paris designed in 1898 to purify the air in hospitals, the small catalytic lamp created by pharmacy dispenser Maurice Berger, quickly became very popular with the public. Redesigned by famous designers, embraced by leading figures from the art community (Coco Chanel, Picasso, Colette and Jean Cocteau), it was then fitted with a perfuming function and gradually became a style icon, appreciated for its sleek design and its delicate fragrances.

Maison Berger Maison Berger

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Mathilde M

Mathilde M brings elegance, charm, delicacy and romanticism to your home with her unique products like reed diffusers and scented plaster decor in a timeless classic chic style. Drawing her inspiration from the historic French heritage of castles and residences of the 18th Century, Mathilde M revisits the tradition to bring the know-how in perfection of hand-krafting together with the latest innovations. Perfumes of Mathilde M are created in close collaboration with Master-Perfumers in Grasse, the world’s capital for perfume, Southern France. The Mathilde M collections are created with passion and enthusiasm by the in-house team of designers in Mâcon, Burgundy, France.

Mathilde M Mathilde M

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Max Benjamin

Max Benjamin’s unique home fragrance collections are appreciated around the world for their contemporary design, quality craftsmanship and the use of natural ingredients. Owned and run by siblings Orla, Mark & David Van den Bergh in Enniskerry, County Wicklow, Ireland. Named after Orla’s twin boys, Max and Ben, the company began producing hand poured, natural candles in the early 1990s. Today, the Van den Berghs continue their pursuit to bring people on a journey of exploration and expression through fragrance.

Max Benjamin Max Benjamin

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Millefiori Milano

Founded in Milan at the end of the 90’s, since its beginnings Millefiori presents a brand proposal made of refined and selected fragrances and beautifully designed décor items to diffuse them in the air. With a strong international calling, Millefiori is now present in stores of more than 70 countries, among which department and lifestyle stores. Located in Italy, Millefiori has a long and wide experience in the world of refined home fragrances and in décor solutions for their ideal diffusion. Our brand proposal is made of a distinctive olfactory signature and a constant attention to style, inspired by Italian heritage design. Millefiori guides you through a personal journey of style, celebrating moments of daily pleasure.

Millefiori Milano Millefiori Milano

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Serene House

SERENE HOUSE fulfills the growing demand for fresh and healthy air to counterbalance the stress and pollution of fast-paced urban environments. SERENE HOUSE is dedicated to developing personal air care products and fragrances that help improve your sense of well-being through scent, sound and visual aesthetics.  

Serene House Serene House

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Wally 1925

The Wally 1925 collection is the current version of antique formulas combining the traditional quality and wholesomeness of the artisan products with the technology of the modern beauty industry. The research and development centre located in Montemurlo, the regular quality control, and the raw material supplied by accredited and reliable European sources all play an important role in the safe and efficient manufacturing of the cosmetics and perfumes. The oil essences in the perfumes are the true reflection of the scents of the Tuscan region. All Wally 1925 perfumes are made with a high concentration of oil essences.

Wally 1925 Wally 1925

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