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Create positive and long-lasting experiences in people’s minds with a fragrance that will make your customers smile and want to buy again ... and again ... and again.

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You have also been led by your nose...

If you ever walked near a restaurant and suddenly, driven by a sudden idea, decided to eat something delicious, then you had fallen victim to a special kind of communication.

They led you by your nose. An underestimated sense.

It is about neglected, wordless communication used by few, which is so effective that you can win a deal with it using the right budget ... you can increase the amount left with you upon a purchase ... or you can build brand loyalty with it. And most importantly, you can be memorable through it.

The ace of trumps to stand out in a crowded market with your brand?

Before you look at something, you realize: you are listening to your nose.

If you are trying to convey information to potential buyers and customers, then, out of habit, you use either sight or sound as a channel. However, you often become easily forgotten on these channels.

You recognize things and people based on their smell.

You wish to get (and direct) their attention more easily; is it your desire to enhance the customer experience and leave a mark on others?

Effective sales and professional influence go beyond the channels that are used by 80% of companies.

Work from what actually works: fragrances last longer and are remembered more vividly than any other stimulus.

You get to know the world through hearing and seeing. That's what you think, while, in fact, the perception of smell is located in the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memories, the amygdala and the hippocampus.

For our emotions, smell is to blame the most. Smell is strongly attached to our memory. Fragrances evoke associations and create attachments even subconsciously. The language of communication works on a less crowded channel, your emotions. That is why it is effective.

Applying fragrance marketing gives you ... how to say more with fewer words ... how to plant thoughts in the other person's mind ... how to break down resistance ... how to gain confidence with the speed of lightning.

Fragrance is an acceleration lane in brand building.

Why should you incorporate fragrance into your brand communication?

Why should you incorporate fragrance into your brand communication?

  • Because you can leave a controlled mark on others. People remember what they smell. Therefore, the fragrance as part of the brand increases brand loyalty by 70%.
  • Because it can help efficient work. There are fragrances that have a stimulating or soothing effect on people in the room.
  • Because it increases the attention of customers. We remember fragrances for a longer time and more vividly than any other stimulus.
  • Because it can positively influence your customer's decision. According to one study, out of two identical pairs of Nike shoes, 84% of shoppers who saw the shoes in a pleasant floral-fragrant room perceived them to be of better quality.
  • Because without their knowledge, you can influence customers and pass on information more successfully. Through smell, most of the information reaches the subconscious, and it affects our mood, abilities, behavior and decisions.

How can we help you fragrance your business?

  • With our international experience and expertise, we will help you choose the most suitable fragrance machine and the fragrance that suits it
  • With the help of fragrance machines using revolutionary new fragrance technology, which are able to fully fragrance smaller shops or larger businesses with an area of up to hundreds of square meters
  • With maintenance-free, almost everlasting machines, which we offer for rent and purchase
  • With high quality fragrances and fragrance materials from 100% ethical and sustainable sources
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Fragrance yourself memorable:
you will develop spectacularly in 6 areas

Benefits of using fragrances
You can overtake your competitors

Most domestic companies may already have read about the effectiveness of fragrance marketing, but most of them still don’t use it. It is a new form of communication without words. Overtake your competitors.

You will remain in people's minds

It sets you apart from others and helps to create a unique image. Eye-catching and memorable, the fragrance we feel is memorized with 65% accuracy for an entire year.

It gives you returning customers

As soon as your customer smells the fresh and soothing fragrance, they will feel more confident, and they will enjoy the experience-giving shopping, so they will be happy to return.

You will sell more easily

People spend 30% more time in fragranced rooms. The fragrance increases your willingness to buy and the number of impulse purchases.

They enhance the shopping experience

The fragrance improves the mood of the customers, enhances the shopping experience, it subconsciously affects them and it also affects their behavior.

They increase brand loyalty

It is no wonder if they choose you next time as well. The positive imprint left in them encourages them to do so.

Who can use fragrance marketing successfully?

Shops, department stores

Those who want to know what strategic direction they should set for their marketing. People examine products in the store for a longer period of time in a pleasantly fragranced environment, thereby increasing the likelihood of impulse purchases. (Vinitzky and Mazursky)

Hotels and spa providers

Because the fragrance influences the perception of experience. Elegant, friendly, energizing places have their own fragrance. The fragrances are indelibly intertwined with certain memories. They are surrounded by an invisible embrace that accompanies them outside the hotel as well. You can provide an authentic experience and create a strong brand identity. The customized fragrance allows you to communicate through another medium.
The fragrance becomes a part of the story that people live through.

Private clinics

AThe fragrance clearly evokes feelings, gives energy, soothes and helps relaxation, can or may promote concentration. It may reduce stress or promote better sleep quality.

Office buildings

Customers prefer to return to a fragrant environment, and comprehensive studies show that they spend much more time and spend more money in such environments. By acting on the human senses, fragrance can support work efficiency, and people working in a fragrant and pleasant environment are able to achieve greater performance and better efficiency in their work. A fragrant work environment increases employee motivation and work performance. Effective and efficient fragrances significantly improve the work environment.

Large company, multi marketers,

who know that using both up-to-date, proven effective marketing channels helps both their company and their day-to-day work. Air as a channel for communication is not as saturated for the fragrance as verbal and acoustic media surfaces.

I'm interested in fragrance marketing
I'm interested
in fragrance marketing

A fragrance as a signature?

What if you finally forgot that ...
  • Your brand leaves no lasting mark on people.
  • You are using an ineffective marketing and communication channel.
  • You can't influence the image about you.
  • You can’t influence customer's decisions effectively.
Instead, you could finally experience that ...
  • They will keep coming back to you even years later.
  • Your customers and clients will be your ambassadors.
  • You will be able to sell more with less effort.
  • You can influence the customers' behavior through emotional connection.

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