The ways of takeover, and charges of takeover

GLS courier service

The product will be delivered by the GLS courier service. 

For further information please visit GLS's website.

The costs of this mode of delivery will be calculated during the ordering process, it depends on the weight of the ordered product and the place of delivery in case of exports.

GLS package point

In case of the on-line purchases door to door delivery by a courier service is the most popular, but the rate of personal take-over has been increasing from year to year. The Clients may take over the goods at the GLS Package Points conveniently and according to their own time schedule, where cash payment is also possible.

For further information about the GLS Package Points please visit the website of GLS Package Points.

The GLS Package Points are located at easily accessible places, e.g. in shopping centres, at the petrol stations, in bookshops or other busy shops. Many of them wait for the clients who wish to take over or dispatch packages with long opening time and either at the week end. GLS sends an e-mail or an SMS message for the addressee about delivery of the goods.   The Buyer may take over the package within 5 working days at any time, with consideration to the opening hours of the GLS PackagePoint.

The costs of this mode of delivery will be calculated during the ordering process, it depends on the weight of the ordered product.

Personal takeover

The order may be taken over personally, too in our Customer Service at the address of WestEnd City Center - Lakásparfüm Store: First floor, Hild József sétány 30., Váci rd. 1-3., Budapest 1062 - HU, from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 21:00 p.m, on Sunday between 10:00 a.m. and 18:00 p.m.

If you choose this kind of takeover, then you will not be charged any fee.

Methods of payment

Cash on delivery

The total amount must be paid in cash on delivery.

Payment via wire transfer in Simplepay Online Payment System

In case of selecting this payment method the customer transfers the amount of purchase directly to OTP Mobile Ltd.Our system can only accept remittance in currency: HUF. Operation of the service: the customer selects wire transfer payment option at the merchant interface, then Simplepay sends a confirmation email to the customer including the details of remittance. The customer settles the amount using their own bank account managing e-banking interface. Simplepay promplty notifies the merchant about the successful payment so that the merchant can fulfill the order.

Advanced bank transfer

In case the buyer chooses bank transfer as a method of payment, then the full price of the product must be paid by bank transfer in advance. Payment must be effected after confirmation of the order by the deadline indicated on the prepayment request.

The Seller will consider the above described order as paid, when its full countervalue arrived irrevocably to the bank account of the Seller within 8 days reckoned from confirmation of the order. 

Should the countervalue fail to arrive within 8 days the Seller may cancel the order. In case the Customer started the transfer but it cannot be expected to arrive in time, then the Seller must be immediately informed of this fact by attaching the transfer certificate of the bank, so that the order would not be cancelled.

The Buyer has to indicate on his transfer order the serial number of the prepayment request. Transfer without the reference number will be treated by the Seller as a nameless and invalid transfer until the Customer makes up the deficiency.

If the order of the Buyer is cancelled because the countervalue did not arrive by the deadline, and the countervalue still arrives at the bank of the Seller, then the Seller will restore the order or lacking this immediately returns the arrived amount. The Buyer is to acknowledge that the Seller does not have any further responsibility in this respect.